I build lots of things! Including the website you're on right now (which is on Github btw). One day I was thinking it'd be cool to put everything notable into one big list. Well this is that list! Sorted descending from newest to oldest.


Currently I work for a company called Airy, in Berlin. My role is pretty broad, I'm the sole Android developer responsible for both of our Android apps. I've also been doing a lot of design work, including designing the company logo.

- Airy Messenger

- Airy Pro


I left flow in March of 2016 and the apps have changed a bit since then. My role was lead Android developer, I worked for the most part by myself aside from a few months with another remote developer. During my time there I built/maintained both Flow Tasks, and Flow Chat for Android.

Flow Tasks 

Flow Chat 

Hubble Gallery:

Seeing the need for a nicely designed viewer app for images & descriptions from the Hubble Space Telescope, I took it upon myself to develop Hubble Gallery. Currently the app sees 250+ daily active users, and has over 15,000+ current installs with an average rating around 4.7 stars in Google Play. Early on I decided to open source the app derekcsm/hubble_galery which actually has worked out pretty well with a few contributions from people.

Currently the app parses HTML to retrieve it's data, I'm aware this is a fragile approach and have been talking with some people at the Space Telescope Science Institute about using the JSON API in the future. This also depends on me having time to work on the app, which there's not been a lot of lately.

Hubble Gallery 

Old forgotten projects:

Cursor (might update when I have time)

- vic.zone (I built the React front end w/ hackathon sloppiness)

S-CLIP (industrial design) 


Beat Box (deprecated) 

Simple Dictionary (deprecated) 

Nanaimo Bus (deprecated)